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Getting started with the Topic Modeling Tool
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This is a set of two tutorials intended to give college students their first hands-on experience with topic modeling, using the Topic Modeling Tool, a GUI implementation of MALLET. Students should be working on computers on which the Topic Modeling Tool is installed. These tutorials are meant to be used in class following a lecture that covers the theoretical foundations of LDA. For the second tutorial of this set of two, students should have some experience using Tableau Public. (You can find a Tableau Public tutorial here.)

For this exercise, I suggest students work in pairs, the entire class working at the same time but each duo proceeding at its own pace. The references to "blue flags" concern small paper flags (like Post-It notes) that students can affix to the reverse of their laptop screens to indicate they've completed the tutorial. You can read more about this technique here.

Tutorial One: Messing Around with the Topic Modeling Tool

Tutorial Two: Visualize Your Topic Model

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