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Known Working Configurations

If you have been successful in updating a device that's not on the list, it please take a few seconds to update the list below so others know what does and does not work.

Device Working Sonoff Firmware Version Reported By
Sonoff Basic v1.5.2, v1.5.5 (v1.6.x does not work #58) sillyfrog
Sonoff Basic2 2.6.1, 3.3.0 are not working JacSjoerd
Sonoff Dual v1.1.0 sillyfrog
Sonoff Dual v1.5.5 mattlward, vikingFr
Sonoff Dual R2 v2.0.1 arendst
Sonoff S20 v1.5.5 (v1.5.2 mixed results) (NOTE: Before you try to flash check out #66) simonszu, sillyfrog, Herschdorfer
Sonoff TH / TH16 v2.0.4 (v2.0.1 requires running with sudo and --legacy option) sillyfrog, Vikingfr(2.0.4), EliasKotlyar
Sonoff 4CH / 4CH Pro v2.0.1 (v2.0.0 did not work) krokce, iMarkus (wiktorschmidt)
Sonoff B1 & BN-SZ01 v2.0.2 requires DNS spoofing and --legacy with --no-prov, see #20 rajil
Sonoff POW v2.0.4 (v2.0.2 requires --legacy & --slowstream) echox, Xeroxxx, Vikingfr
Sonoff POW R2 (v1.0.0 did not work) franksimoes
Sonoff 1 Channel Inching v1.6.2 badigit
Sonoff Slampher v1.6.2 DNS spoof (dnsmasq MAC OSX)+ Pair with eWelink app and --legacy --no-prov --serving-host 192.168.X.X kconfesor, flavio20002 (v1.6.2 with default options) , EliasKotlyar
Sonoff SC v2.0.1 using --legacy --slowstream issacg
Sonoff RF 1.5.5 10der
Sonoff SV 1.5.5 dagmenico
AOGETYO IP55 1.6.2 MasterPu / Outdoor Socket with ESP8285 Itead board (need 2x 7second press for AP)
Eruiklink Generic Sonoff_eWelink T1 2.0.1 - Flash with --legacy Pabloalcantara - Worked on 1, 2 and 3 gangs)
Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 2.0.1 Mark5 (some models appear to use a different type of flash, and don't work)
Sonoff Touch v1.6.2 krokce & daill (ootb)
Sonoff Touch Dual UK v2.0.1 tompipe: yes, bubi: Sonoff Touch dual does not exists. Also, the 2018-10-01 version of Sonoff Touch is 1.8.1
Sonoff Touch US 1.8.1 bubi: doesn't work
Sonoff T1 2CH EU v2.0.1 copyrights
Sonoff T1 1CH US v2.0.1 using sonota.exe bubi: working
Sonoff T1 2CH US v2.0.1 using sonota.exe bubi: working
Sonoff T1 3CH US v2.0.1 using sonota.exe bubi: working
Sonoff T1 3CH UK - Second Generation (PSF-B04-GL) v2.0.0 using sonota.exe SoundGuy: Success!
Sonoff T1 2CH 2.0.1 issacg: no issues at all, kcsj17: no issues except it took a while (20mins at least) for the FinalStage SSID to appear, flochocinco: OK but without option ("-s" doesn't work). no lines when finished
Sonoff T1 2CH US v2.6.0 doesn't work
Sonoff RF Bridge 433 v1.0 Does not work
Sonoff RF Bridge 433 v2.7.0 Does not work (24-02-2019)
lx-wifi-03O Taniel: It never has been connected to ewelink server. Now it's working with others apps!! thanks
PS-16-DZ Sold on Amazon as Wsiiroon WiFi Dimmer Switch a/o 10-12-2018 - Works!
Sonoff iFan02 2.6.0 Doesn't work (17-06-2019)
Sonoff iFan02 2.0.1 Need to flash to latest tasmota to support ifan02
Sonoff S26 2.6.0 Doesn't work (28-12-2018)

If you didn't connect using the EWeLink app (which you don't need to do most of the time), the version will be shown as romVersion in amongst the output printed to screen after a successful run.

Getting the ITEAD-###### SSID

On various devices it appears that a 2nd 7 second button press is required sometimes to put the Sonoff into Configuration mode so it will broadcast the ITEAD-###### SSID. If after pressing the button for 7 seconds you have a pattern such as blink-blink-blink-pause-blink-blink-blink-pause, press the button again for another 7 seconds until you have a steady blink-blink-blink...

Possible Parameters

usage: sonota.exe [-h] [--serving-host SERVING_HOST] [--no-prov]
[--wifi-ssid WIFI_SSID] [--wifi-password WIFI_PASSWORD]
[--no-check-ip] [--legacy] [-s]

optional arguments:
-h, --help
show this help message and exit

--serving-host SERVING_HOST
The host's ip address which will handle the HTTP(S)/WebSocket requests initiated by the device. Normally the ip address of the WiFi interface of the machine this script is running on.

Do not provision the device with WiFi credentials. Only use if your device is already configured (Not recommended, but useful if doing DNS spoofing).

--wifi-ssid WIFI_SSID
The ESSID of the WiFi network the device should eventually connect to.

--wifi-password WIFI_PASSWORD
The password of the WiFi (WPA/WPA2) network the device should eventually connect to.

Do not check for correct network settings applied on your interface(s).

Enable legacy mode for devices with older firmware (requires root permission)

-s, --slowstream
Serve files slowly, use if getting 404 errors

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