The CAD files for the Mirobot chassis
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Mirobot Chassis

This repository contains the files that are needed to laser cut the chassis for Mirobot ( There are a few different files here:

  • mirobot_chassis_design.pdf - this is the main working file for Mirobot, but can't be used for laser cutting. It can be edited in Illustrator
  • mirobot_chassis_lasercut.pdf - these files are the laser-cuttable outlines laid out for cutting as pdf. SVG and DXF are available in the releases

These designs are currently designed to be cut from 3mm MDF board.

This repository is in a state of development, see the releases for known good snapshots. No guarantees are made - laser cut at your own risk!


Mirobot is an open hardware project licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License ( The name Mirobot may not be used commercially without permission. If you have any questions please get in touch (