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A decentralized system for resolving service names in the Serval Architecture.
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Service-Aware Networking: Service-Centric Architectures and the SDN Paradigm

The concept of the Internet has radically changed since its first onset, around half a century ago; millions of multi-homed users, often moving across networks, are asking for data and services offered by multiple servers, which can be replicated and situated in various geographical locations. Yet only a few modifications managed to consolidate and provide the framework for communicating in the largest computer network.

This situation is leading to erratic band-aids where network administrators and developers overload the existing network abstractions or resort to middleware, in order to provide the supplementary functionality needed by a network where services and data become first-class citizens.

In this thesis we are introducing the approach of Service-Aware Networking, a consolidation of Service-Centric abstractions and the Software Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm.

Starting with an explanation of the principles behind Service-Centric networking, we are focusing on the Serval architecture along with its functional prototype. Results of benchmarks will be presented juxtaposed to the measurements of the unmodified TCP/IP stack.

Finally we are suggesting that Software Defined Networking could benefit from the provided abstractions and enable services running in – possibly distributed – datacenters to automatically, and according to the rights they have been granted, manipulate virtual networks to better utilize the underlying network infrastructure, conforming to their dynamic needs.

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