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bash, zsh, git, tmux, personal toolbox
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Mislav's configuration files for bash, zsh, git, ruby, and more.

See also: mislav/vimfiles


Clone somewhere, then run the install script:

$ git clone git:// ~/dotfiles
$ ~/dotfiles/install

It won't touch your existing dotfiles, but will symlink the ones that don't exist. If you want to replace your existing dotfiles, simply move them to a backup location and run install again.

Misc. commands in bin

Check the bin directory for awesome commands such as:

  • ansi2html
  • git-unreleased
  • pair
  • proxy
  • tmux-session


  • enables completions

  • enables Emacs key bindings:

    • C-a/C-e - beginning/end of line
    • C-r/C-s - incremental history search backward/forward
  • C-x C-e - edit current command-line in $EDITOR

  • shell prompt includes:

    1. current directory
    2. last command failed status indicator
    3. git branch
    4. rbenv version
  • autobin - whitelists current directory's bin dir that it should get prepended to $PATH whenever we cd into this project and removed when we leave.


  • sc - smart script/console; works for Rails 2, Rails 3, Sinatra
  • ss - smart script/server; works for Rails 2, Rails 3
  • sr - Passenger/Pow server restart (touch tmp/restart.txt)


  • gl - git pull
  • gp - git push
  • gd - git diff
  • gc - git commit -v
  • gca - git commit -v -a
  • gb - git branch -v
  • st - git status -sb
  • gco - git checkout


  • C-h/j/k/l - switch to pane in the given direction
  • C-\\ - toggle between last active panes

Under tmux prefix C-a:

  • C-l - clear terminal
  • S - switch to a session that starts with given name, or switch to the last session if no name given
  • m - open man page in a vertical split
  • g - tail log/development.log in a new window
  • R - source ~/.tmux.conf after changes

Regular tmux keybindings:

% vertical split
" horizontal split
! break pane into new window
c new window

o select next pane
{ swap pane with previous
} swap pane with next
n next window
p previous window
) next session
( previous session
; select previously active pane
l select previously active window

s interactive session & window browser
w interactive window browser

$ rename session
, rename window

: command prompt
d detach
f search text in open windows

[ copy mode
] paste buffer
# list buffers
- delete buffer
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