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Argosy: verifying layered storage systems with recovery refinement


Proving crash safety of systems by proving an implementation refines a specification. Argosy supports implementing layered storage systems with a recovery procedure per layer, and modular verification of each layer independent of the other recovery procedures. Argosy also includes an implementation of Crash Hoare Logic (CHL), a program logic based on Hoare logic for proving an invariant for recovery reasoning.

Using Argosy we verified an extended example consisting of a write-ahead log running on top of a disk replication system. See for details on extracting and running the example.


We develop Argosy using Coq master. It should also be compatible with Coq 8.12 and 8.13, which are tested as part of continuous integration.

This project uses git submodules to include several dependencies. Before compiling, run git submodule update --init --recursive to set those up.

To compile just run make with Coq on your $PATH.

Details on extraction for the logging example are in its own