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riscv-semantic [Build Status]

riscv-semantics is a formal specification of the RISC-V ISA written in Haskell.

Getting Started

  1. Install Stack

This project uses stack to manage the Haskell compiler and the project's dependencies. Even though there is a package for stack that can be installed using apt-get, this will not work due to known bugs in the version in the repository. To install stack, follow the directions found here or run the following code in a Unix-based machine:

$ curl -sSL | sh
  1. Compile the Project

There is a makefile with recipes to compile the project, the elf2hex utility, and all the tests. Building the tests requires a recent version of riscv-none-embed-gcc in your path. To build everything, run:

$ ./
$ make

If you do not have the compiler in your path, this command will fail. To install the compiler and add it to your path:

$ ./
$ .
  1. Simulating an Example Program

To simulate an example program, run the command

$ stack exec riscv-semantics test/build/thuemorse64

This should produce the output

  1. Run riscv-tests

To run the default 64 executable simulator on riscv-tests:

$ stack exec riscv-semantics-tests

Generation of verilog (work in progress)

$ ./
$ ./

The output will be in src/verilog/...

To get rid of intermediate files create in the src folder: $ ./