A Jinja2 inspired templating language for rendering JSON data on the server and client.
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  // JSON Jinja //
     a server/client templating system

  -- What is it?

     JSON Jinja is a templating language inspired by Jinja2 with the
     idea that a template should be able to operate on the same JSON
     data on the server and on the client with the same semantics.

     It follows largely the Jinja2 feature set but restricts and
     changes semantics to be better compilable to JavaScript and to
     better work on different execution environments.

     The end goal is to define the language so that it can be
     implemented in different languages without having to implement
     a whole virtual machine or something similar.

     This implementation however is written in Python based on my
     templatetk library and will generate JavaScript code for the
     client that can be run with a minimal runtime library.

  -- Why?

     To be able to use the same JSON data to render a template both
     on the server and the client.  The idea is that you render
     the template on the server the first time the page is loaded
     and from that point onwards you only transmit JSON to the client
     and render on the clientside.

     If a browser does not have a proper history API or JavaScript
     one can continue to request new pages from the server and
     render them there.

  -- Requirements?

     Currently Python 2.6 and templatetk from my github repo.
     templatetk and this library are both evolving at the moment.