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Mixer Branding Kit Twitter Follow

This package contains copyrighted graphical resources for the Mixer website and brand made by the Mixer Team.

If you have questions regarding the resources or their usage, or you wish to ask for permission feel free to contact us via our support or our official Twitter account.

What’s inside

  • Mixer logos in black, white, and full color variants in both PNG and SVG format
  • Mixer logos with text in all of the same flavors as above

Branding Kit Rules & Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in showing your support for Mixer! You may use any of the branding within this folder as long as you adhere to the our Terms of Service, and the guidlines defined below:

What can I use this branding kit for?

  • Usage of contained images within your live streams on Mixer
  • Promotion of your membership within the Mixer community
  • Showing your support for Mixer across social media platforms

What can't I use this branding kit for?

  • You cannot use Mixer’s logos or assets to display yourself as an employee or official representing Mixer
  • You cannot use our logos or assets for commercial purposes (i.e., merchandising)
  • You may not modify the logos or assets in any way (distorting, changing colors, incorporating into your own branding, etc)