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Redis Lucee Extension Example
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Redis Lucee Extension Example

This project is an example of one approach to using Redis as an external cache for Lucee, within a containerized environment. I've tried to strip it down to only the essentials, so that it's easier to see and understand how the process works and the pieces connect.

This code is for demonstration and development purposes only. That is, in several places it exchanges security for convenience and simplicity.

What It Does

  • Builds a Lucee server image (starting with the CommandBox Docker image)
  • Loads the Ortus Redis Extension (Trial)
  • Warms up the image in order to ensure the Ortus Redis Extension is installed and ready
  • Uses CFConfig to configure the session and object caches to be stored externally in Redis
  • Starts the server
  • Dumps the session and object cache on the index.cfm so that you can see that it's working.


Project Steps

Want to give this project a spin yourself? Here are the steps:

  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. Navigate into the project: cd redis-lucee-extension
  3. Run docker-compose up
  4. Once the project has been built/started, you can view the result at
  5. If you have a tool like TablePlus, you can inspect the Redis cache to see the session and object cache data, by connecting at
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