Bridge for LIFX and WeMo Link LED bulbs to an Amazon Echo compatible Hue interface
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Ulfire is a simple Python application that detects and controls LIFX and Belkin WeMo Link LED bulbs by exporting a sufficient subset of the Philips Hue API to convince the Amazon Echo that it's speaking to a real Hue.

In other words, it lets you use an Amazon Echo to voice control your LIFX or WeMo Link lights.


You'll need a machine on your local network to run this on. It needs to be on the same network as the Echo and your lights. It probably needs to be vaguely Unixish - I've only tested this on Linux, but it almost certainly runs fine on BSDs and it's probably fine on MacOS X. I have no idea about Windows, but I wouldn't be optimistic. You'll also need to install the LazyLights and Ouimeaux Python modules:

pip install git+
pip install git+

and then just run It'll automatically detect your lights (note that the lights must already be configured and named with the vendor apps). Once that's done, just ask your Echo to detect connected devices. It should find all your bulbs. Create any groups you want to via the Echo settings UI, and then you should be able to turn your lights on and off and dim them.


This code is derived from Fauxmo (