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Latest binary distribution is 5.1.2

  • Platform independent runnable jar file:

BDSup2Sub v5.1.2 (generic)

  • If you are running Ubuntu 12.04 or later use the *.deb installer. You still have access to the command line interface by using the 'bdsup2sub' command. The installer may also work on other Debian based distributions as long as they provide the openjdk-7-jre which is the only dependency of this package.

BDSup2Sub v5.1.2 (deb package)

  • If you are running Mac OSX use the Application Bundle. In case you want to use the command line interface you also have to download the *.jar file.

BDSup2Sub v5.1.2 (Application Bundle for OS X)

Source code can be checked out from GitHub or downloaded as a zip or tar.gz archive.

Other downloadables

Latest snapshot version for testers

BDSup2Sub v5.1.1

BDSup2Sub v5.0.0

BDSup2Sub v4.0.1

BDSup2Sub v4.0.1-wdtv (for WDTV Live media player owners)

Additional requirements

Java Runtime Environment is needed to run BDSup2Sub. If you install the deb package on Linux then it automatically pulls in OpenJDK 7 as a dependency. For the other means of installation however you have to make sure that the Java Runtime Environment is available on your system.

You can find the latest on the Oracle website.

Please note that BDSup2Sub is developed and tested with the official Oracle JRE version 7. Using OpenJDK 7 or Oracle JRE 6 should be possible but has not been extensively tested. OpenJDK 6 is not supported.

Source Code

As of version 4.0.0, BDSup2Sub became an Open Source project. All files that are my own creation are released under the Apache License 2.0. In a nutshell that means you can use them and modify them even for closed source or commercial projects, as long as you leave some copyright info in and give appropriate credit. See the linked Apache License for details.
Note that there are also some sources included which are based on the work of other people and thus have partly different license models:

  • PNG Encoder by J. David Eisenberg (modified to support transparency for palette mode via the tRNS tag). Licensed under the LGPL.
  • Octree Quantize Filter by Jerry Huxtable (modified to support alpha component and better palette reduction). Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.
  • Scaling/filter routine based on Morten Nobel-Joergensen's ResampleOp from his Java image scaling library. Licensed under the LGPL.
  • JFileFilter based on ExampleFileFilter from the FileChooserDemo included in the JDK. Licensed under proprietary Sun license (similar to Apache). Each file of the source code should contain a header with the license information.

To access the source code repository you need an installation of a Git application. The main GitHub page is a good starting point to browse the source code and learn more about Git.