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An alternative to ASP.NET MVC
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Intro to FubuMVC

Bare Bones

Directly after creating an empty web project and adding the FubuMVC NuGet package reference.

Quick Start

Read this informative guide: Getting Started

We will start exploring other FubuMVC features from here.


  1. Configure routing conventions using Routes DSL
  2. With UrlPattern attribute you can hard code routes with inputs/defaults
  3. Implement your own IUrlPolicy for complete control

View Location

  1. Spark
  2. How to configure conventions


  1. Explanation of BehaviorGraph
  2. Ideas for what you could do with behaviors

Html Conventions

Conventions that determine which HTML markup is generated for model properties.

Model Binding

Receiving posted form data automatically wired up to input models.


Make your site more pluggable and modular with packages.

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