Barcode reading library using the Softek Software barcode reader toolkit
C C++
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Installing on Linux system

1. Download the bardecode library from

2. Install libtiff and libjpeg. This step depends on your distro but for example
   debian you can do the following:

    apt-get install libtiff4 libjpeg62

3. Unpack the barcode library to for example under /opt. This should create
   directory similar to /opt/bardecoder_7_2_1 with the the contents of the 
   package inside it.

4. Copy the php-bardecode sources to /opt/php-bardecode and run the following
   commands. Choose the correct directory based on the system, either glibc_2_4
   or glibc_2_0.
     cd /opt/php-bardecode
     ./configure --with-bardecode=/opt/bardecoder_7_2_1/glibc_2_4
     make install

5. Add php-bardecode to php.ini:

How to read barcodes

  The following PHP code reads a barcode from a file:

$bardecode = new bardecode();
$bardecode->setParameter(bardecode::READ_EAN13, true);