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Library to get movies & tv airing today.


Method Description
GetPopularMovies() What are the most popular movies?
GetUpcomingMovies() What are the upcoming movies?
GetTopRatedMovies() What are the top rated movies?
GetNowPlayingMovies() What movies are in theatres?
GetPopularTVShows() What are the most popular tv shows?
GetTopRatedShows() What are the top rated tv shows?
GetOnTVShows() What tv shows are on tv?
GetAiringTodayShows() What are the tv shows airing today?


go get -u


To get list of upcoming movies:

func main() {
	db := NewMovieDB()
	fmt.Println("Upcoming movies")
	for _, show := range db.GetUpcomingMovies() {
		fmt.Printf("\tTitle: %s\n\tCover: %s\n\n", show.Title, show.Cover)




This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details