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Mean Field Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
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Mean Field Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

A PyTorch implementation of MF-Q and MF-AC in the paper Mean Field Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning .



An 20x20 Ising model example under the low temperature.

A 40x40 Battle Game gridworld example with 128 agents, the blue one is MFQ, and the red one is IL.

Code structure

  • contains code for running tabular based MFQ for Ising model.

  • ./examples/: contains scenarios for Ising Model and Battle Game (also models).

  • contains code for running Battle Game with trained model

  • contains code for training Battle Game models

Compile Ising environment and run


  • python==3.6.1
  • gym==0.9.2 (might work with later versions)
  • matplotlib if you would like to produce Ising model figures

Compile MAgent platform and run

Before running Battle Game environment, you need to compile it. You can get more helps from: MAgent

Steps for compiling

cd examples/battle_model

Steps for training models under Battle Game settings

  1. Add python path in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc:

    vim ~/.zshrc
    export PYTHONPATH=./examples/battle_model/python:${PYTHONPATH}
    source ~/.zshrc
  2. Run training script for training (e.g. mfac):

    python3 --algo mfac

    or get help:

    python3 --help

Paper citation

If you found it helpful, consider citing the following paper:

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