gettext and iconv binaries for Windows
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gettext and iconv binaries for Windows.

Ready-to-use binaries

If you don't want to waste your time or if you don't know much about compiling and virtual machines,

Do you want to build binaries on your own?


I used Ubuntu 16.04 LTS under VirtualBox).

Get the and the patches directory (they must reside in the same directory).

Run the script to build the Windows binary files.

Creating the setup files

I used a Windows machine (a physical Windows 10 64 bit) with Inno Setup (I used version 5.5.9-unicode).

Steps to compile (to be done under Linux):

  • Run the script (the patches directory must be in the same directory as this script)
  • following the instructions of the script you'll able to build the Windows executables

Steps to generate the setup files (to be done under Windows):

If you want to build a setup to install these executables and automatically add them to the environmental path:

  • take a copy of the full repository gettext-iconv-windows
  • under the folder containing the repository content, create a folder compiled and copy under that directory the out-… folder that you have under Linux
  • launch the build-setup.vbs script


The patch that adds support to the GETTEXTIOENCODING environmental variable was created by Václav Slavík.