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Structures of the spliceosome processed to be easily viewed with PyMOL
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PyMOL4Spliceosome: all spliceosome structures in one PyMOL session

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Tip: the session now is very big and it might slow your computer. We recommend to open it one, remove unnecessary things for your analysis and save it as a new session.

Processed PyMOL session of cryo-em structures, see to learn more about current stage of the project.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 9 28 20 AM

The structures superimposed based on the U6 RNA (if possible)

Colors and chain mapping based on pyMoL_colors-EMX.xlsx prepared by Eysmont and Magnus.

Not everything is perfect, expect some updates soon.


and read more about the tool used to obtain this session:

Select all U6

Morph between two main conformations of U6


With Up Down with Righ-mouse Click

Quick reference

PyMOL>enable CWC15*
PyMOL>disable CWC15*

# select only some objects and save it to the file
save /Users/magnus/Desktop/XXXX_triplex_zoom.pse, CXXX_P and U2_P and U6_P

Read more:


You can also download sessions for single steps prepared by the Nagai lab:


ReMedy-International Research Agenda Unit, Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, 02-097 Warsaw, Poland

M.M. was supported by the "Regenerative Mechanisms for Health-ReMedy" grant MAB/20172, carried out within the International Research Agendas Program of the Foundation for Polish Science co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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