An extension for the VSTS work item form that tracks and displays who viewed a work item and when.
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Who Viewed this Work Item? - VSTS Work Item Form Extension

An extension for the Team Services work item form that tracks who viewed each work item.


This extension adds a group to the work item form (in VSTS and TFS "15") which shows the most recent distinct people who view the work item.


Clicking on the View All button takes you to a full view showing every person who visited the work item including multiple visits from the same person.


The number of visits kept for each work item is capped at the 500 most recent.

How it works?

This extensions works by recording each time a person visits a work item. After the form is opened the extension will wait and see if the person remains on the work item for at least 10 seconds. If so, it makes sure this person has not visited the same work item less than 10 minutes ago before recording the new visit. This window is meant to help catch new visits.


For bugs please use the issue tracker on the GitHub repo.

For feedback/questions contact me on Twitter: @mmanela.