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Polydata is an unconventional, poly-archical, addressable database loosely based on XRI identifiers. The Polydata library provides authentication and translation of Ruby objects to arbitrary data formats for servers and clients.
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Polydata takes its name from the idea of multiple hierarchies or “poly-archical” structure of related bits of data. In a hierarchical data structure, information can be nested. In a polyarchy, information can be located in multiple hierarchies, in other words, a multidimensional data structure.

This Polydata library defines a domain specific language (DSL) to implement a query-like RESTful api to data residing on a server. Authentication uses the requesting party's private key to encrypt (not sign) a timestamp. The server and client have public and private key pairs residing on the server. The public keys are discoverable via XRI resolution.

A polydata request is in the form of Endpoint/Authority/Type[Query][/Action[/ActionMinor]/[Requester]].

  • Endpoint is generally a web application available at an https url.

  • Authority can be an XRI Canonical Id or Iname.

  • Type, Query and Action implement the DSL.

  • Type can be anything the server and client agree on. The only implementation

extant plays fast and loose with XRIs as described here:

Client Installation

Set up the Gemfile

Include the TaskScheduler gem in your Rails application Gemfile:

gem 'polydata'


The Polydata server has not been released.

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