Documenting the Anlogic FPGA bit-stream format.
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Project Tang

For FPGA Toolchain Users

Project Tang enables a fully open-source flow for Anlogic FPGAs using Yosys for Verilog synthesis and nextpnr for place and route. Project Tang itself provides the device database and tools for bitstream creation.

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For Developers

This repository contains both tools and scripts which allow you to document the bit-stream format of Anlogic series FPGAs.

Translation of offical documents can be found here.

Quickstart Guide




There are also "minitests" which are small tests of features used to build fuzers.


Fuzzers are the scripts which generate the large number of bitstream.

They are called "fuzzers" because they follow an approach similar to the idea of software testing through fuzzing.


Miscellaneous tools for exploring the database and experimenting with bitstreams.


Python libraries used for fuzzers and other purposes


Running the all fuzzers in order will produce a database which documents the bitstream format in the database directory.



There are a couple of guidelines when contributing to Project Tang which are listed here.


All contributions should be sent as GitHub Pull requests.


All code in the Project Tang repository is licensed under the very permissive ISC Licence. A copy can be found in the COPYING file.

All new contributions must also be released under this license.

Code of Conduct

By contributing you agree to the code of conduct. We follow the open source best practice of using the Contributor Covenant for our Code of Conduct.