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A script to get downloads count of your GitHub repositories
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GitHub Downloads Count

This script shows the downloads count of the GitHub repositories.

You must put the archive file in a GitHub release, an example is on GitHub Blog - Release Your Software.

In order to get the downloads count of all GitHub repositories of a specific user, you need to execute:

./gdc github-username

You can specify a single project:

./gdc github-username github-projectname


./gdc rethinkdb

output is:

rethinkdb-1.7.0.dmg: 454 downloads
rethinkdb-1.7.0.i686.rpm: 449 downloads
rethinkdb-1.7.0.x86_64.rpm: 450 downloads
rethinkdb-1.6.1.dmg: 455 downloads

If you need to run python scripts on Windows, see here.

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