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Custom regex filter list for use with Pi-hole.
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Regex Filters for Pi-hole

This is a custom regex filter file for use with Pi-hole v4+ (FTLDNS).

All commands will need to be entered via Terminal (PuTTY or your SSH client of choice) after logging in.

Why use the installer?

The installer will determine whether you are using the Pi-hole database or the older style regex.list, then evaluate your current regular expressions and act accordingly. It has been created to make life easier.

Can I use these regexps without using the installer?

Yes, you can. You can enter them one by one in the Pi-hole web interface.

[OPTIONAL] Back up your existing regex list

If you are using the new Pi-hole DB

sudo cp /etc/pihole/gravity.db /etc/pihole/gravity.db.bak

If you are using the older style regex.list:

sudo cp /etc/pihole/regex.list /etc/pihole/regex.list.bak


curl -sSl | bash 


curl -sSl | bash
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