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Is It Maintained?

Monitoring open source projects activity. Average time to resolve an issue Percentage of issues still open


  • Issue median closing time
  • Percentage of open issues

Not all issues are taken into account:

  • Issues with labels like "feature", "enhancement", "duplicate"… are ignored
  • For the issue median closing time issues older than 6 months are ignored
  • Issues from collaborators are ignored (GitHub updated their API and it's not possible anymore)


  • Reactivity: issue average acknowledgement time (i.e. first comment after the issue was open)

Dropped ideas:

  • Release frequency: depends a lot on the project, hard to say a frequency is "good" or "bad" (#2)
  • Last commit date (from all branches): same as #2


$ composer install
$ bower install
$ php -S -t web web/index.php

The first time a badge is generated takes a few seconds, then it is cached. Be patient.

GitHub has an API rate limit that is reached very easily. To circumvent that, you can generate an API token ( and set it in parameters.php.


  • bin/console stats:show user/repository: shows the statistics for a repository (skips the cache)
  • bin/console cache:clear: clears all the caches
  • bin/console cache:warmup: warmup the caches


  • PHP 7.0
  • Puli installed
  • GD extension

Feature requests

Issues are disabled for now on this repository because they were filling up with feature requests. If you want a feature to be added, pull requests are welcome.