Draw image from svg file with Win2D
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Svg for Xaml Library

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Draw images from svg file with Win2D.

app screenshot

Tokyo railmaps

app screenshot

Thanks to railmaps



xaml with binding

Binding content type is SvgDocument.

<svg:SvgImage Content="{Binding ...}" />

Renderer a raster image from svg image

var svg = SvgDocument.Parse(...);
var uri = new Uri("ms-appdata:///local/filename.jpg");
var file = await StorageFile.GetFileFromApplicationUriAsync(uri);
await SvgImageRenderer.RendererImageAsync(file, new SvgImageRendererSettings()
	Document = svg,
	Format = SvgImageRendererFileFormat.Jpeg,
	Scaling = 10.0F,
	Quality = 0.8F,

Rendering in Win2D ecosystem

var svg = SvgDocument.Parse(...);

var width = 24.0F;
var height = 24.0F;
var scaling = 3.0F;
var device = CanvasDevice.GetSharedDevice();
using (var offScreen = new CanvasRenderTarget(device, width, height, scaling * 96.0F))
using (var renderer = new Win2dRenderer(offScreen, svg))
using (var session = offScreen.CreateDrawingSession())
	renderer.Renderer(width, height, session); // <- rendering svg content


If you build your app for Windows 10 Aniversary Update or later, you should use SVG API on Direct2D.


MIT License