This is a flexible, twig based, all cmodel, tabular data to islandora Object importer with optional ZeroMQ processing
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DCMNY admin documentation

[Multi-Importer Admin Instructions for DCMNY Administrators] (

[Sample CSV (configured for multi-importer ingest)] (

[DCMNY Metadata Spreadsheet (for use with multi-importer ingest)] (


  • Ensure that composer is installed in your enviornment: composer version.
  • Clone the module into the modules folder: git clone
  • Install the module's dependency using the composer composer install
  • Ensure that you have all the module's drupal dependencies (ex Field Group)
  • Enable the module


[Sample Twig Templates (for use with multi-importer ingest)] (

[Twig Documentation] (

Why Use Multi-importer

  • UI driven integrated workflow for ingest and update
  • Metadata Cleanup: Export your MODS metadata as CSV via Solr, clean up, then update the MODS datastream of the objects by recreating the MODS datastream using Twig
  • To ingest different content types at the same time including hierarchies, like collections inside collections with compounds and books, etc
  • To avoid having to follow strict naming conventions and folder structure dictated by many Islandora batch ingest processes
  • Selectively choose which derivatives you want to create and upload
  • To avoid the OpenRefine/XSLT approach to creating MODS from CSVs
  • To take advantage of the Twig Templating system for creating MODS from CSVs
  • To preview the MODS output easily
  • Supports integration with Google Spreadsheets, Zip/Local/Amazon storage and Complex storage needs via hooks.

Updating existing Objects

  • To enable this functionality without any warnings you need to use instead of main Islandora Batch release. We are working on making those changes into the main release.
  • Objects (PIDs) present in other Batch Sets won't be able to be updated because Islandora Batch only allows a single PID to exist in its DB. We are working on fixing that inside 7.x-ISLANDORA-2046. For now, please delete old batch sets if you plan on updating existing Objects that were ingested using Islandora Batch.