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Mockoon: awesome API mocking

Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, free and open-source.

It's a desktop application and a CLI that help you work faster with APIs by mocking them. Integrate third-party APIs quicker, improve your integration tests, speed up your development, etc.

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Mockoon offers many features:

  • unlimited number of mock local servers and routes
  • CLI to run your mock in headless environments, CI, etc.
  • complete control on routes definition: HTTP methods and statuses, regex paths, file serving, custom headers, etc.
  • OpenAPI compatibility
  • Record/logs of all entering and forwarded requests
  • JSON templating
  • proxy forwarding mode
  • HTTPS support

You can check the complete list on the website.

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Mockoon is an open-source project built by volunteer maintainers. If you like our application, please consider sponsoring us and join all the Sponsors and Backers who helped this project over time!

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Download the desktop application

You can get Mockoon desktop's latest release directly from this repository or on the official website. Mockoon desktop is also available through:


  • Homebrew: brew install --cask mockoon.



Install the CLI

Mockoon CLI is available as an NPM package. Please check our dedicated documentation to learn how to install and use it.

Use in cloud functions and serverless environments

Mockoon's Serverless NPM package provides an easy way to run Mockoon's mock APIs in cloud functions and serverless environments: AWS Lambda, GCP Functions, Firebase Functions, etc.

Please check our dedicated documentation to learn how to use it.

Subscribe to Mockoon Pro

With advanced features for solo developers and teams, Mockoon Pro supercharges your API development:

Upgrade today and take your API development to the next level.

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Mockoon's documentation

You will find Mockoon's documentation on the official website. It covers Mockoon's most complex features. Feel free to contribute or ask for new topics to be covered.


You will find Mockoon applications changelogs on the official website.


You can discuss all things related to Mockoon, and ask for help, on the official community. It's also a good place to discuss bugs and feature requests before opening an issue on this repository. For more chat-like discussions, you can also join our Discord server.


If you are interested in contributing to Mockoon, please take a look at the contributing guidelines.

Please also take a look at our Code of Conduct.


If you want to know what will be coming in the next release you can check the global Roadmap.

New releases will be announced on Mockoon's Twitter account @GetMockoon and through the newsletter to which you can subscribe here.