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Assimulo is a simulation package for solving ordinary differential equations.
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Assimulo is a Cython/Python based simulation package that allows for 
simulation of both ordinary differential equations of the form f(t,y), 
(explicit problems) and differential algebraic equations of the form 
f(t,y,yd), (implicit problems). Assimulo currently supports Explicit 
Euler, adaptive Runge-Kutta of order 4 and Runge-Kutta of order 4. It 
also wraps the popular SUNDIALS 
( solvers CVode 
(for explicit problems) and IDA (for implicit problems). Hairer's 
( codes Radau5, Rodas and 
Dopri5 is also available. CVode and IDA supports discontinuous systems 
of the form f(t,y,sw) and f(t,y,yd,sw) with event(root)-functions 
defined as g(t,y,sw) and g(t,y,yd,sw) where sw should be fixed during 
the integration.

The package comes with a Problem specifications class and subclasses corresponding 
to the different problem, Implicit_Problem and Explicit_Problem. To define and 
solve a problem, first import the solver of choice and the appropriate 
(Implicit/Explicit)_Problem class. Then define your function, f and initial conditions
which pass to the problem class constructor. Then create your solver, set the attributes 
(method, absolute/relative tolerance etc.) and use the simulate method to simulate.

For more information about Assimulo, documentation tutorial etc, visit

See the INSTALL file or the installation page on


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