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Modera Foundation Core. Please submit your PRs here.
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Modera Foundation Build Status

A monolith repository for Modera Foundation platform.

This project's composer.json is managed in semi-automatic mode by composer-monorepo-plugin plugin, please make sure that you use this plugin when you are making changes to this monolithic repository and before making a commit verify that a proper composer.json is generated and tests pass.

For more details regarding each nested bundle refer to its file.

For more general details see

Contributing to the project

  • Before starting to work on your feature make sure that tests pass by running ./
  • Create a "feature branch"
  • Write tests/your features, make sure that no tests were broken, commit everything into the feature branch
  • Update CHANGELOG to include information regarding work that has been done
  • If your changes require some additional work for developers using foundation then also update UPGRADE doc
  • Merge your feature branch to master / any release branches (if exist)

Developing in foundation-standard

When you are adding a feature that contains UI code then usually you will want to have a working project where you can see how well it plays with rest the platform, in order achieve that you use install foundation-standard, update its composer.json so it would use "dev-master" version of modera/foundation package and run composer update. Once development version of foundation has been installed you can go to vendor/modera/foundation to start working on your feature as described in a previous section.

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