Scrumwala: Your very own Scrum, Agile project management web app - built with Laravel
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Your very own Scrum/Agile web app built with Laravel


  • Create and manage projects with plan and work views
  • Group issues in a project into sprints
  • Set deadlines for issues, active sprints and projects
  • Get reminders via email listing issues nearing deadline
  • Responsive UI, thanks to Bootstrap


Project: Plan View alt tag

Project: Work View alt tag

Install Instructions

To install Scrumwala you can clone the repository:

$ git clone

Next, enter the project's root directory and install the project dependencies:

$ composer install

Next, configure your .env file (root directory) and database (config/database.php). Subsequently, create the database and then run the migrations:

$ php artisan migrate


Scrumwala is licensed under the MIT license. If you find something wrong with the code or think it could be improved, I welcome you to create an issue or submit a pull request!