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API Documentation

License Discord Master docs

Documentation for mod.io is powered by slate, a static API generator and can be read here (also see our getting started guide). We use swagger.io to define our API from comments in our codebase, and generate the slate markdown files from it using widdershins.


We recommend you don't edit source/index.html.md as this file is generated automatically via the above process. You can edit the presentation and source/includes/_modio.md as these are manually created.


To get our slate documentation up and running on your local machine, we recommend you follow the instructions on the official slate repository page.

Contributions Welcome

Want to correct errors in our documentation or it's layout? Submit a pull request with your recommended changes to be reviewed.

Other Repositories

Our aim with mod.io, is to provide an open modding API. You are welcome to view, fork and contribute to our other codebases in use: