Unity Plugin for integrating mod.io - a modding API for game developers
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Unity Engine Plugin

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Welcome to mod.io Unity Plugin. It allows game developers to easily control the browsing and installation of mod files in their games. It provides a C# interface built on the Unity Engine to connect to the mod.io API. We have a test environment available which offers developers a private sandbox to try the Unity Plugin out.

Getting started

If you are a game developer, first step is to add mod support to your Unity game. Once mod support is up and running, create your games profile on mod.io, to get an API key and access to all functionality mod.io offers. Next, download the latest UnityPackage release and unpack it into your project, then head over to the GitHub Wiki and follow the guides to get it running within your game.


The mod.io Unity Plugin requires the functionality of two other open-source Unity plugins to run. These are included as libraries in the UnityPackage in the Plugins directory, or in the repository under third_party:

Contributions Welcome

Our Unity plugin is public and open source. Game developers are welcome to utilize it directly, to add support for mods in their games, or fork it for their games customized use. Want to make changes to our plugin? Submit a pull request with your recommended changes to be reviewed.

Other Repositories

Our aim with mod.io, is to provide an open modding API. You are welcome to view, fork and contribute to our other codebases in use: