A set of modules written in Vult for VCVRack
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Vult Modules for Rack

A set of modules for VCV Rack written in Vult. You can read more about the modules here: https://modlfo.github.io/VultModules/




  • Debriatus: Wave Destruction. Wave Folder, Bit Crusher, Distortion and Saturation.
  • Flame: Analog distortion based on guitar pedals.
  • Nopskate: Flip-Flop octaver based on guitar pedals.

Envelopes & VCA

  • Spank: Drum Envelope.
  • Slap: Hitting Envelope.
  • Julste: Low Pass Gate. Buchla model.



  • Vessek: Complex Analog Oscillator.
  • Caudal: Mechanical Chaos Source.



You can report any issue or ask me questions here: issues


The modules come in two versions: Free edition and Premium edition. Both versions contain over 15 high quality modules. I kept some of the modules free because I believe that everybody should have access to this creations that make me happy.

Comparison Free vs. Premium

The paid modules (there are more coming) are the ones that do require more engineering and research work to develop. If you like the work I make for free, you should consider buying the paid modules to help me keep developing stuff.

The modules can be purchased from the VCV Rack store. If you don’t want the paid modules, but still want to donate you can do so as well. Finally, if you just want the free modules you can download them in the github page.

Buy Donate Download


Vult logo and artwork Copyright (c) 2017 Leonardo Laguna Ruiz , All rights reserved.

The Vult style of modules (knobs, jacks, and other graphics) cannot be used in modules not related to Vult.