Directory of references on new perspectives and approaches for designing and developing user interfaces and design systems.
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Modular User Interface Directory


This directory is a set of references on new perspectives and approaches for building user interfaces and design systems. It covers the motivations behind this mindset, as well as ways to achieving it on design and front-end workflows. You'll find several articles, tools, methodologies and techniques written by awesome people from the Web community. I hope that they inspire you as they inspired me.

Please, feel free to collaborate by opening pull requests – with new links or other section/topic ideas, for example – or creating issues with suggestions.

Related subjects: components (a.k.a. modules, blocks, objects, patterns), design systems, atomic design, modularity, user interfaces, css architecture, css guidelines, front-end design, front-end architecture, ui development, content structure visual design deliverables, design process, designing in the browser, styleguide-driven development, pattern libraries, living styleguides, responsive workflow, design/development collaboration...


1) Mindset and Motivations

2) About Components

3) Workflow

4) Design Process

5) CSS Architecture

6) Styleguides and Pattern Libraries


Curated by Thiago Victorino with help from Ítalo Mendonça.