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Bit arrays for Haskell
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Fixed build with vector 0.10

the vector package removed Safe Haskell support in version 0.10.
Module imports now reflect that.
latest commit 4e1c1dab36
James Cook authored


Another bit-array library for Haskell. This one defines a Bit type (which is an instance of all the "expected" classes, including numeric ones) and makes that type an instance of Data.Vector.Unboxed.Unbox, so we get a lot of nice APIs for free. Bool is already an unboxable type, but the current unboxed Vector implementation packs each bit as a byte. This one packs 8 bits per byte, as expected (UArray from the array package also uses one bit per Bool).

In addition to the Vector interface, there are several high-level operations and some low-level ones suitable for building new bulk operations by viewing the bit-vector as a word vector.

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