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Celebrating Monero's 5th Moneroversary - 18 April 2019 #324

SamsungGalaxyPlayer opened this issue Mar 30, 2019 · 12 comments


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commented Mar 30, 2019

Edit: click here for the events.

parasew brought up an interesting point during today's Community Workgroup meeting: Monero's 5th "Moneroversary" is coming up really soon on Thursday April 18.

I'm opening up this Github issue to collect ideas on how to celebrate it. Here are some of my ideas, but please chime in with more!

  1. Countdown. Monero's first block was mined approximately 10:50 UTC (6:50 ET). This makes it more difficult for people in the US, but possibly manageable for people in Asia and Europe. We may need to give up on exact timing or have several sessions.

  2. Livestream. This could be in Coffee Chat-style, where people come together and chat about the various aspects suggested below. I think it could be cool to have a "mini-series" style, where one host is in charge of leading specific topics in a sort of micro-documentary. Thus, it will be longer than a normal Coffee Chat, but people are not expected to participate through the entire session.

  • Monero's most meaningful past moments.

  • Turning points in Monero's history.

  • Monero's greatest past challenges.

  • Monero contributor spotlight.

  • Workgroup summaries.

  • Monero's top future opportunities and challenges.

  • Setting up a Monero wallet and node tutorial.

  • General chat.

  1. Meetup participation. paresew shared some interest in interacting with an online session. I personally recommend a quick check-in. It's difficult to organize two groups speaking with each other well. I would like to hear more about his idea to bring online and local communities together for this event.

  2. Press coverage. This is a great opportunity for Monero press coverage. I would like to hear the Outreach workgroup's ideas for getting attention and making this a media-worthy event. We need marketing materials for the YouTube and Twitter thumbnails, and images for blogs and news to use in their backgrounds. It's a great change to set Monero's image and to build a set of sources.

  3. Community participation. Community members should have many opportunities to participate. I can send notifications out on Blockfolio and Delta. We can tease it days in advance on Twitter and Reddit.

For an event of this magnitude, I would love to have Monero Core Team involvement. Outside participants, including Charlie Lee and others who appreciate Monero, should be included too. Let's make this a meaningful event!

Other random thoughts:

  • Ceremonial barolo drinking or giveaway

  • Fun games for the community to complete live

Please comment with the following:

  1. your time availability in UTC

  2. what activities you are interested in among those listed and among other ideas you have (be as descriptive as possible)

  3. if you are willing to "chair/moderate/lead" any of those sessions

  4. any other information or comments

I am free after 21:00 UTC. @fluffypony indicated he can be free at 21:00 UTC on IRC. Sarang indicated he should be free that day.


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commented Mar 31, 2019

Anniversary coin or anniversary banknote.

Monero commemorative coin made of 24K pure gold~~

@SamsungGalaxyPlayer SamsungGalaxyPlayer changed the title Celebrating Monero's 5th Birthday - 18 April 2019 Celebrating Monero's 5th Moneroversary - 18 April 2019 Mar 31, 2019


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commented Mar 31, 2019

I could be available from 20:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC on IRC or anywhere else online.
However, i'll suggest to other people in Paris, France to have a lunch together, from 10:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC (as genesis block birthday is during our lunch hours).


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commented Apr 1, 2019

we each post an "I am Spartacus" video admitting to being one of @moneromooo-monero


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commented Apr 2, 2019

I am available April 18th at 21:00 UTC as well. Including Livestream.

I am interested in presenting some sort of mini-series during the Livestream.

It might be fun to do a sort of "Monero Torch" where individuals send an increasing amount of Monero around to each other. It seems part of a Monero Anniversary celebration would include using the technology as a demonstration. Low fees make this quite reasonable.

Could also make a montage of well known Monero community members doing something like the Ice Bucket challenge or something creative like that. Could play this montage on a loop during the day while the Livestream is not going on.


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commented Apr 9, 2019

midipoet and needmoney90 are making a puzzle for the event. parasew indicated that 21:00 UTC is good timing, but I am waiting on more details.


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commented Apr 10, 2019

hello everyone! Our plan in Vienna is as follows:
we are organising the whole day and also invited people from the monero meetup in vienna, germany, etc.

  • We will start at 10:00 CET (8:00 UTC), everyone is welcome to join and to learn about the Monero project and talk about the highlights of the past 5 years.
  • at 12:30 CET (10:30 UTC) we will be starting the countdown! Everyone will be online and we will try to link existing other initiatives (@el00ruobuob?)
  • cake!
  • in the afternoon there will be monero workshops
  • at 21:30 (19:30 UTC) there will be the Monero Austria Meetup
  • at 23:00 (21:00 UTC) we plan to link in the livestream.

what do you think?


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commented Apr 10, 2019

Thanks @parasew! Would you like to livestream any events before I'm available at 21:00 UTC? I can get you the information you need to stream other events. Let me know what makes sense. It could be cool to livestream the countdown, for example, even if it's just us watching people mostly standing around and celebrating in a room. Do you have the recording equipment to make this happen? TL;DR: please say what events will be recorded or livestreamed.

Furthermore, do you expect to participate in the livestream at 21:00 UTC, or simply watch it?


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commented Apr 10, 2019

We have cams, recording equipment and a good upstream here.

Regarding the streams: i think we could definitely stream
a) the countdown (and have people join in) with cake-cutting afterwards
b) the evening thing

The workshops and things in between is a bit more tricky and i guess it makes more sense to not broadcast them, as people are usually more reserved when workshops are recorded.

In the evening thing i can totally participate in the stream; we have small presentations here before, and i could then join in from another room and we project the stream in the main room.

does that make sense?


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commented Apr 11, 2019

Current timeline is below. Click on the times to view them in your time zone. Make sure to note the livestream links!

Time Description Livestream
8:00 UTC Vienna Riat informal discussion begins No
10:30 UTC Vienna Riat countdown to Monero launch anniversary Yes
11:30 UTC Vienna Riat workshops No
16:00 UTC Inaugural Zurich meetup No
17:00 UTC Monero Talk with Mitchell About Mastering Monero - "A Mastering Monero Gift on Monero's 5th Moneroversary!!!" Yes
19:30 UTC Vienna Riat Meetup No
21:00 UTC Check-in with Vienna Riat Meetup Yes
21:15 UTC Monero's history with fluffypony Yes
22:00 UTC Coffee Chat-style Q&A (Justin, rehrar, fluffypony, sarang, others) Yes
23:00 UTC The importance of financial privacy is critically downplayed in cryptocurrency communities (rehrar) Yes
23:45 UTC Recent news and announcements Yes
0:00 UTC Puzzle and game (needmoney90, Justin) Yes

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commented Apr 16, 2019

Moneroversary marketing materials, courtesy of Diego (rehrar) and his wife!

Monero Anniversary Twitter 1448x724 2-1
Monero Anniversary YouTube ~16-9

Alternative image, courtesy of Thunderosa from the Monero Outreach workgroup!

Monero anniversary Thunderosa


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commented Apr 18, 2019

I can't throw a party today, but for the next Monero Meetup in Utrecht on Thursday, May 9, I want to summarize the history of Monero in 5 key moments. What do you think were the most decisive moments? Tell me what you think on Reddit.


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commented Apr 22, 2019

Media coverage, social links, and more:

Media Coverage

Twitter Social Links

Reddit Social Links

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