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C++ Driver for MongoDB
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CXX-559 Backport server r3.0.0-rc6..r3.0.1 changes

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MongoDB C++ Driver Build Status

Welcome to the MongoDB C++ Driver!

Please see our wiki page for information about building, testing, and using the driver.

Version 1.0.0 of the C++ legacy driver has been released. Please report any bugs or issues in the C++ JIRA project.

Use the legacy branch if:

  • You are using MongoDB's C++ driver for the first time.
  • You had been using 26compat (or the driver inside of the server source) and want to benefit from incremental improvements while having the same overall API.

Use the 26compat branch only if:

  • You have existing code that used the driver from the 2.6 or earlier server source and want it to continue working without modification.

Note: As of MongoDB 2.6.0-rc1, it is no longer possible to build the driver from the server sources: this repository is the only approved source for C++ driver builds.

Repository Overview

Branch Stability Development Purpose
master Unstable Planning New C++11 driver (work in progress)
legacy Stable Stable Evolution Primary stable C++ driver release
26compat Stable Maintenance Only Drop in replacement for users of existing 2.6 era C++ driver

WARNING: The master branch will contain future development work on a new driver with a completely new API and implementation. It is a work in progress and currently should not be used.


  • libmongoclient.[so|dylib|dll] - The shared mongoclient library (but see notes)
  • libmongoclient.a - The static mongoclient library

Building and Usage

Bugs and Issues



Use of the shared library is experimental on windows and is currently discouraged. This is primarily due to the complexity of ensuring a matching implementation of STL types between library and consumer code. This problem is unique to windows, as the consistent use of system libraries largely mitigates this danger.


Mailing Lists and IRC


The source files in this repository are made available under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0.

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