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Welcome to the MongoDB C++ Driver!


Driver status by family and version

Stability indicates whether this driver is recommended for production use. Currently, no drivers guarantee API or ABI stability.

Family/version Stability Development Purpose
mongocxx 3.1.x Unstable Active development Unstable C++ driver development, requires C++11
mongocxx 3.0.x Stable Bug fixes only Primary stable C++ driver release, requires C++11
legacy (all) Stable Critical fixes only Former stable C++ driver release
26compat (all) Deprecated Critical fixes only Drop in replacement for users of existing 2.6 era C++ driver

MongoDB compatibility

The following compatibility table specifies the driver version(s) recommended for different versions of MongoDB. The 3.0.x series is recommended for all new development.

Family/version MongoDB 2.4 MongoDB 2.6 MongoDB 3.0 MongoDB 3.2 MongoDB 3.4
mongocxx 3.1.x
mongocxx 3.0.x
legacy 1.1.x
legacy 1.0.x
26compat (all)

Bugs and issues

See our JIRA project.


The source files in this repository are made available under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0.