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nv-dlasalle commented Mar 19, 2021


Cub allows itself to place into a namespace via CUB_NS_PREFIX and CUB_NS_POSTFIX, such that multiple shared libraries can each utilize their own copy of it (and thus different versions can safely coexist). Static variables used for caching could otherwise cause problems (e.g.,

Thrust however depends on cub and

scullionw commented Apr 26, 2021

Expected Behavior

I can pass std::vector<int32_t>, but the the c++ library I want to use uses int, not int32_t

std::vector<int> build_array() {
    auto values = std::vector<int> {1,2,3,4,5};
    for (auto& v: values) v = v * 2;
    return values;

Not sure how to get around this since I can't impl VectorElement for c_int due to the orphan rule? There must b

allisonvacanti commented Apr 23, 2021

DeviceSegmentedReduce reduces each segment using the same kernel as DeviceReduce, and thus provides the same run-to-run consistency guarantee for non-associative types. The documentation for DeviceSegmentedReduce should be updated to reflect this.

E.g. this bit:
needs to be ad

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