Mongoid community projects (loosely affiliated with the company MongoDB).

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  1. mongoid-slug

    Generates a URL slug/permalink based on fields in a Mongoid-based model.

    Ruby 489 164

  2. mongoid-history

    Multi-user non-linear history tracking, auditing, undo, redo for mongoid.

    Ruby 355 125

  3. mongoid-scroll

    Mongoid extension that enables infinite scrolling with MongoDB.

    Ruby 53 7

  4. mongoid-collection-snapshot

    Forked from aaw/mongoid_collection_snapshot

    Easy maintenence of collections of processed data in MongoDB with the Mongoid ODM

    Ruby 1 2

  5. mongoid-cached-json

    Effective caching for nested JSON models.

    Ruby 71 13

  6. mongoid-geospatial

    Forked from ryanong/mongoid_spacial

    A MongoDB/Mongoid Extension with optional GeoRuby/RGeo support.

    Ruby 73 27