Graph algorithm implementations based on lectures from Steven S. Skiena ( Implemented with callback and hooks to allow usage of library in applications.
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What is available

  • Basic Graph structure uses Adjacency List
  • Directed/Undirected, Weighted/UnWeighted
  • Breadth first search traversal with callbacks
  • Shortest Path on unweighted graphs
  • Depth first search traversal with callbacks
  • Topological sort
  • Cycle Detection
  • Bipartite Test (Two Coloring Traversal)
  • Minimum Spanning Tree Prim
  • Binary Heap
  • Binomial Heap
  • Minimum Spanning Tree Kruskal
  • Union-Find
  • Shortest Path on weighted Graphs (Dijkstra)

Coming Soon

  • Fibonacci Heap
  • GXL integration
  • DB connectors