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CocosSharp is a 2D game and visualization framework for C#, F# and .NET developers that works across a wide spectrum of platforms.


You can join the discussion on the CocosSharp forums at:


The project is developed on GitHub: http://github.com/mono/CocosSharp

We have a chat room at http://xamarinchat.slack.com on the channel #cocossharp

In Depth

Cross Platform - and Convenient

CocosSharp is a cross platform library which is powered by the MonoGame engine and out of the box supports Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Desktop, Windows RT and Windows Phone.

CocosSharp is distributed as a NuGet package, which makes it convenient to use from both Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio with little effort.

In addition, CocosSharp is a Portable Class Library, which means that you can build your entire game, visualization logic or reusable library that is shared across platforms. You can also as easily use Shared Projects to share code across platforms.