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	Editline or Readline

	* editline


	* readline



	* interfaces/

		Public interfaces, they're used by the backends and the frontend.

	* classes/

		[Namespace: Mono.Debugger]

		Public classes.

	* arch/

		Architecture dependent interface implementations.

		Everything in this directory is private and may only be used from
		code in backends/.

	* backends/

		All files in this directory itself belong to the public API for people
		who're implementing backends.

		The following directories are private.

		* backends/classes/

			Private support classes which are used by the public API.

		* backends/ptrace/

			The `ptrace' backend, uses the unmanaged server library in backends/server.

	* backends/Debugger.cs

		[Namespace: Mono.Debugger]

		This single file belongs to the public API.

	* backends/server/

		This directory contains an unmanaged C interface.  It's part of the public API
		for peopel who're implementing backends.

	* frontends/

		The frontends.

		When writing frontends, you must not access anything in the Mono.Debugger.Backends
		or Mono.Debugger.Architecture namespace directly.  This shouldn't work due to class
		permissions, anyways.

	* test/

		Some test code.

		The makefiles currently build two libraries and an executable:

		- Mono.Debugger.dll contains the public API and public classes

		- Mono.Debugger.Backends.dll contains the architecture and backend specific things.
		  It exports the `DebuggerBackend' class which is part of the public API and an API
		  for people who're writing other backends.  Everything else is hidden.

		- Debugger.exe is the application itself, it links against these two dll's and
		  Mono.CSharp.Debugger.dll which is in mcs/class/Mono.CSharp.Debugger (it must be
		  distributed together with our class libs because it contains the symbol writer
		  which is used by MCS).