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FACSHuman plugin for MakeHuman project
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FACSHuman v0.0.1 Alpha

FACSHuman plugin for MakeHuman project

Create pictures and videos of facial expressions for your experiments.

This work is based on the Facial Action coding System :

Ekman, P., Friesen, W. V., & Hager, J. C. (2002). Facial action coding system. A Human Face.

This plugin allow you to create facial expressions by moving the corresponding Action Units (AU) described in the FACS Manual. Additional plugins are available to create scene (lights placement and lights colors) and animations.


Please cite the following paper if you use this plugin for your research :

Gilbert, M., Demarchi, S., & Urdapilleta, I. (2018). FACSHuman a Software to Create Experimental Material by Modeling 3D Facial Expression. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents - IVA ’18, 333‑334. - ISBN: 978-1-4503-6013-5

The conference


Link to my profile


Get started

Download and install MakeHuman from here and follow the instructions for your Operating System.

Then start MakeHuman once to create the MH directory in your home/YOURUSER/Document/

For MH

If you have any questions about the installation and the use of this software :

FACSHuman Installation

Main files (the core)

Put this files inside the plugin directory of your MH installation (not in the plugin directory of MH in USER/Document/makehuman)

File Usage (main program) (to create facial animation) (to edit/create scene)

Target files of the AUs

All the FACSHuman target files were created with Blender and the MH tools for Blender.

Place targets files directory into :

For lastest version of MH :


For earlier versions :


This directory contains :

  • 00 Emotions
  • 01 Upper Face AUs
  • 02 Lower Face AUs
  • 03 Lip Parting and Jaw Opening
  • 04 Eye Positions
  • 05 Head Positions
  • 06 Miscellaneous AUs
  • au.json
  • black.jpg

Whithout these files plugins do not work

Additional ressources

Teeth, eyes, eylashes and tongue are modified versions of materials assets from the

Place directories in :

for lastest version of MH :


for earlier versions :



In order to avoid teeth distortion (original models) when you use mouth opening AUs, you need to use the modified facs models.

Place it in /teeth

This directory contains :

  • FACSTeeth01
  • FACSTeeth01a
  • FACSTeeth01b
  • FACSTeeth02
  • FACSTeeth02a
  • FACSTeeth02b
  • FACSteeth03
  • FACSteeth03_bw
  • FACSteeth04


Place it in /eyes

This directory contains :

  • black_map.png
  • /eyes_no_cornea
  • /facs-poly
  • makehuman_eye_specular.png
  • makehuman_eye_specular2.png
  • /materials
  • /real_pupil_no-cornea
  • specular_map.png
  • specular_map_invert.png
  • specular_map_white_b.png


Place it in /eyelashes

This directory contains :

  • FACSEyeLashes01


Place it in /tongue

This directory contains :

  • FACSTongue
  • FACSTongue_bw (black and white model)


Place it in /custom

This directory contains :


This target is useful to close the small gap between lips of the MH model.

Additional installations


An Open Source Modular Framework From Face to FACS Based Avatar Animation (Unity3D / Blender) More on FACSvatar:


If you want to use the video production inside FACSHuman you need to install FFmpeg tools :

and put this software into the path of your computer.

You will find the procedure on the net depending of your operating system.


FACSHuman is a plugin for Makehuman.

If you have any questions please contact me not the MH Team

Demo videos

More tutorials videos will be available soon.

All AUs demonstration


Full demo


FACSvatar Datas


Usable Action Units in FACSHuman

Table 1: Usable Action Units in FACS
Action units Simple Right / Left Alternative
Upper Face AUs      
1 Inner Brow Raise X X X
2 Outer Brow Raise X X X
4 Brow Lowerer X X X (41,42,44)
5 Upper Lid Raise X X  
6 Cheek Raise X X X (2)
7 Lids Tight X X  
43 Eye Closure X X  
45 Blink Use 43 Use 43  
46 Wink Use 43 Use 43  
70 Brows Not Visible - - -
71 Eyes Not Visible - - -
Head Positions      
51 Turn Left X    
52 Turn Right X    
53 Head Up X    
54 Head Down X    
55 Tilt Left X    
56 Tilt Right X    
57 Forward X    
58 Back X    
Eye Positions      
61 Eyes Left X X  
62 Eyes Right X X  
63 Eyes Up X X  
64 Eyes Down X X  
65 Walleye X    
66 Crosseye      
Lip Parting and Jaw Opening      
25 Lips Part X X X
26 Jaw Drop X   X(4)
27 Mouth Stretch Use 26    
Table 2: Lower Face and Miscellaneous Action Units
Action units Simple Right / Left Alternative
Lower Face AUs      
9 Nose Wrinkle X X X
10 Upper Lip Raiser X + 25 X  
11 Nasolabial Furrow Deepener X X  
12 Lip Corner Puller X X X(2)
13 Sharp Lip Puller X X  
14 Dimpler X X  
15 Lip Corner Depressor X X  
16 Lower Lip Depress X X  
17 Chin Raiser X   X
18 Lip Pucker X   X
20 Lip Stretch X    
22 Lip Funneler X   X(2)
23 Lip Tightener X    
24 Lip Presser X    
28 Lips Suck X   X(2)
72 Lower Face Not Visible - - -
Miscellaneous AUs      
8 Lips Toward Each Other - - -
19 Tongue Show X + 26    
21 Neck Tightener - - -
29 Jaw Thrust X    
30 Jaw Sideways X    
31 Jaw Clencher X    
32 Bite X    
33 Blow X    
34 Puff X    
35 Cheek Suck X    
36 Tongue Bulge - - -
37 Lip Wipe - - -
38 Nostril Dilate X    
39 Nostril Compress X    
Table 3: Additional Action Units
FACSHuman Simple Right / Left Alternative
pupils dilatation X X  
pupils constriction X X  
Table 4: Table of legends
X : Usable in the module
-  : non implemented
+ : Usable with …
(Num) : Alternative Action units
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