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Charm Library

A nice wrapper around ncurses for ruby: Works like a charm!

This is a fork of the snowleopard-ncurses gem, because this is the only wrapper I found that works on my Mac with Lion.

The primary goals are:

  • Create a Ruby Wrapper around ncurses that feels like Ruby and not like C without semicolons
  • Run out of the box with the preinstalled version of ncurses on Mac OS X Lion and Ubuntu with Ruby 1.9
  • Write it test-driven with minitest/spec as far as possible

Currently the gem provides you with a library called ncurses which is identical to the original snowleopard-ncurses gem (require 'ncurses'). Step by step the features will be ported to Ruby.

Dedicated to the code poet, why

Even though this is currently just a cleaned up version of the snowleopard-ncurses gem, this will be released today. Why? Because today is why-day. The DSL for creating the commandline interfaces will be similiar to the Shoes DSL for creating GUIs. I think this is a good match for a why-day release and by next why-day the 1.0 version will be released. And I had to release something at Why-Day.


Thanks to the people who developed the original gem:

A list of people that helped with the original gem:

  • Akinori MUSHA (knu at idaemons dot org)
  • Jan Becvar (jan dot becvar at solnet dot cz)
  • Juergen Daubert
  • Doug Kearns
  • Simon Kaczor (skaczor at cox dut net)
  • Hiroshi Sainohira
  • Andreas Schwarz
  • Simon Strandgaard
  • Paul Duncan
  • Tim Sutherland
  • Earle Clubb
  • Zach Dennis (for the examples)

Word Of Warning

Even though this should have been delivered with an onion, all you get is an ASCII Art Fox. Sorry for that.

 (@ @)