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The almighty little framework for Google App Engine
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this commit fixes UnicodeEncodeError when authenticating as google user with non ascii name
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TODO Added a router to encapsulate URL matching, dispatching and hooks. Updated buildout.cfg; this is 1.0b3.


Welcome to Tipfy!

Tipfy is a small but powerful framework designed specifically for Google
App Engine. It is a lot like webapp::

  from tipfy import RequestHandler, Response

  class HelloWorldHandler(RequestHandler):
      def get(self):
          return Response('Hello, World!')

...but offers a lot of features (own authentication, sessions, i18n etc) and
other goodies that webapp misses. Everything in a modular, lightweight way,
tuned for App Engine. You use only what you need, when you need.

Read the documentation to learn more about it:

For questions and comments, join our discussion group:

And if you have any issues, open a ticket at Google Code:


Read the instructions in `project/README.txt` or for a more detailed
description see `installation instructions <>`_.
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