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Docker image to a web interface to change and reset password in an LDAP directory


Automated builds of the image are available on Dockerhub and is the recommended method of installation.

docker pull moss/selfservicepassword:1.0

You can also pull the latest tag which is built from the repository HEAD

docker pull moss/selfservicepassword:latest

Alternatively you can build the image locally.

docker build -t moss/selfservicepassword

Quick start

The quickest way to get started is using docker-compose.


Start Self Service Password using:

docker-compose up

Available Configuration Parameters

Parameter Description
DEBUG Set this to true to enable entrypoint debugging.
LDAP_SERVER: Ldap server. No default.
LDAP_STARTTLS: Enable TLS on Ldap bind. No default.
LDAP_BINDDN: Ldap bind dn. No default.
LDAP_BINDPASS: Ldap bind password. No default.
LDAP_BASE_SEARCH: Base where we can search for users. No default.
LDAP_LOGIN_ATTRIBUTE: Ldap property used for user searching. Defaults to uid
LDAP_FULLNAME_ATTRIBUTE: Ldap property to get user fullname. Defaults to cn
ADMODE: Specifies if LDAP server is Active Directory LDAP server. If your LDAP server is AD, set this to true. Defaults to false.
AD_OPT_FORCE_UNLOCK: Force account unlock when password is changed. Default to false.
AD_OPT_FORCE_PWD_CHANGE: Force user change password at next login. Defaults to false.
AD_OPT_CHANGE_EXPIRED_PASSWORD: Allow user with expired password to change password. Defaults to false.
SAMBA_MODE: Samba mode, if is true update sambaNTpassword and sambaPwdLastSet attributes too; if is false just update the password. Defaults to false.
SHADOW_OPT_UPDATE_SHADOWLASTCHANGE: If true update shadowLastChange. Defaults to false.
PASSWORD_HASH: Hash mechanism for password: SSHA SHA SMD5 MD5 CRYPT clear (the default) auto (will check the hash of current password) This option is not used with ad_mode = true
PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH: Minimal length. Defaults to 0 (unchecked).
PASSWORD_MAX_LENGTH: Maximal length. Defaults to 0 (unchecked).
PASSWORD_MIN_LOWERCASE: Minimal lower characters. Defaults to 0 (unchecked).
PASSWORD_MIN_UPPERCASE: Minimal upper characters. Defaults to 0 (unchecked).
PASSWORD_MIN_DIGIT: Minimal digit characters. Defaults to 0 (unchecked).
PASSWORD_MIN_SPECIAL: Minimal special characters. Defaults to 0 (unchecked).
PASSWORD_NO_REUSE: Dont reuse the same password as currently. Defaults to true.
PASSWORD_SHOW_POLICY: Show policy constraints message: always never onerror. Defaults to never
PASSWORD_SHOW_POLICY_POSITION: Position of password policy constraints message: above below - the form. Defaults to above
WHO_CAN_CHANGE_PASSWORD: Who changes the password? Also applicable for question/answer save user: the user itself manager: the above binddn. Defaults to user
QUESTIONS_ENABLED: Use questions/answers? true or false. Defaults to true
LDAP_MAIL_ATTRIBUTE: LDAP mail attribute. Defaults to mail
MAIL_FROM: Who the email should come from. Defaults to
MAIL_FROM_NAME: Name for MAIL_FROM. Defaults to No Reply
NOTIFY_ON_CHANGE: Notify users anytime their password is changed. Defaults to false
SMTP_DEBUG: SMTP debug mode (following https://// instructions). Defaults to 0
SMTP_HOST: SMTP host. No default.
SMTP_AUTH_ON: Force smtp auth with SMTP_USER and SMTP_PASS. Defaults to false
SMTP_USER: SMTP user. No default.
SMTP_PASS: SMTP password. No default.
SMTP_PORT: SMTP port. Defaults to 587
SMTP_SECURE_TYPE: SMTP secure type to use. ssl or tls. Defaults to tls
USE_SMS: Enable sms notify. (Disabled on this image). Defaults to false
IS_BEHIND_PROXY: Enable reset url parameter to accept reverse proxy. Defaults to false
SHOW_HELP: Display help messages. Defaults to true.
LANG: Language (NOT WORKING YET). Defaults to en.
DEBUG_MODE: Debug mode. Defaults to false.
SECRETEKEY: Encryption, decryption keyphrase. Defaults to secret.
USE_RECAPTCHA: Use Google reCAPTCHA ( Defaults to false
RECAPTCHA_PUB_KEY: Go on the site to get public key
RECAPTCHA_PRIV_KEY: Go on the site to get private key
DEFAULT_ACTION: Default action: change sendtoken sendsms. Defaults to change