HTML5 games workshop: build a platformer game!
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HTML5 games workshop

A workshop that teaches how to develop HTML5 games with JavaScript and Phaser.

It is meant to last a full day, although it includes sufficient guiding for people to finish it at home if only a short session with a coach is possible.

Access the workshop online here.

Game screenshot


Upcoming sessions of this workshop:

  • Barcelona (Spain), 4 March 2017 at AdaJS.

Would you like to host the workshop in your city? Contact Belén.


If you want to tinker around or have your own version…

This project uses Metalsmith to generate a static website out of Markdown files (among others).

Build the project

npm install
node index.js

It will generate a dist folder with the website for the workshop generated. It's all static files.


There is a watch mode that will recompile the project whenever a markdown file has been changed:

npm run watch

Publish to Github Pages

npm run deploy

This assumes that your repository is named html5-games-workshop. If not, you will need to update package.json and change:

"build:ghpages": "node index.js --base \"/html5-games-workshop\"",

…to use your repository name as --base parameter.