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Mozilla IAM

This organization is used for Mozilla's IAM repositories

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  1. federated_access_proxy federated_access_proxy Public

    BeyondCorp-style federated access proxy

    CSS 47 12

  2. mozilla-iam mozilla-iam Public archive

    DEPRECATED - Legacy information about the IAM project and issues that do not belong to a specific repository. Archived, as future updates are not planned at this time.

    42 19

  3. sso-dashboard sso-dashboard Public

    A python flask implementation of an SSO dashboard. OIDC for authentication and message bus for alert pipelines.

    Python 36 45

  4. dino-park-front-end dino-park-front-end Public

    Front-end for

    Vue 34 34

  5. mozilla-aws-cli mozilla-aws-cli Public archive

    DEPRECATED. A command line tool to allow users to log into AWS with their federated identity using Single Sign On and obtain ephemeral API keys. This is no longer in use in Mozilla SSO/IAM, as of S…

    JavaScript 20 8

  6. dino-park-issues dino-park-issues Public archive

    DEPRECATED - Archived. Formerly a meta repository for all DinoPark issues

    15 8


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