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Making awesome, one pebble at a time
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Latest commit cbd8a52 @jpetto jpetto Merge pull request #3604 from malena/bug-1224565-2014-financial-repor…

Bug 1224565 - Fix: Add pdf url
Failed to load latest commit information.
.c9 remove links to broken sites: fix bug 1084011
bedrock Bug 1224565 - Fix: Add pdf url
bin Remove update_externalfiles call from deploy_base
docker Set -xe so test will fail early on docker pull err
docs Fix Bug 1216225 - Add function to provide accurate Firefox channel/ve…
etc Bug 1224565 - Create webpage for State of Mozilla 2014 report
lib Do not require MANAGERS setting for tests to pass
media Bug 1224565 - Create webpage for State of Mozilla 2014 report
node_modules Upgrade pipeline, less, and replace yuglify with cssmin and uglify-js.
puppet Merge pull request #1779 from dlapiduz/vagrant_setup
requirements Rerun newsletter form submission test failures
root_files Fix bug 1195376, point Free tools to teach the Web to teach.mozilla
scripts Add a script to fix bug 1117866
static Add woff2 config to .htaccess
test_redirects Merge pull request #3558 from kyoshino/bug-1216953-mpl-redirects
tests Merge pull request #3601 from alexgibson/rerun-newsletter-failures
vendor-local/src Fix bug 1223157: Update legal-docs git submodule.
wsgi Add newrelic.ini for docker.
.coveragerc Bug 1085476: Enable Travis CI.
.dockerignore Docker delivery pipeline with jenkins and deis.
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig file to Bedrock
.gitignore Create initial functional tests using pytest
.gitmodules Bug 1144669: Update deployment for peep dependencies.
.jshintrc-dist Bug 1146344. GTM conversion: bug fixes and code cleanup.
.travis.yml Do not use peep to install pip
AUTHORS Encourage use of humans.txt Encourage use of humans.txt
Gruntfile.js Fix image 404 warnings in Karma test runner
LICENSE Update license to MPL 2. Bug 816080: Upgrade Bedrock to latest Playdoh Update bedrock README, remove "the new"
Vagrantfile Change vagrant setup to use mozilla.local instead of
contribute.json Reorder contribute.json IRC contacts. Fix bug 1155810: Remove funfactory.
newrelic.ini Add newrelic.ini for docker.
package.json Update karma to v0.13.10 Bug 816080: Upgrade Bedrock to latest Playdoh
setup.cfg Create initial functional tests using pytest Bug 816080: Upgrade Bedrock to latest Playdoh


bedrock is the code name of It is as shiny, awesome, and open sourcy as always. Perhaps even a little more.

Build Status Coverage Status


Bedrock is a Django project. Check out the django docs for general technical documentation. In addition, there are project-specific bedrock docs.


Patches are welcome! Feel free to fork and contribute to this project on github. If you find a problem and wish to report it, please file a bug.

Looking for a good first bug to work on? Take a look at the wiki page for a list of mentored bugs.


This software is licensed under the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. For more information, read the file LICENSE.

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