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Email Tabs

This is an experimental extension for Firefox that composes a Gmail email with information from a bunch of tabs in it.

Note that only Gmail is supported, because there's no general standard for composing HTML emails.

There is a user-focused Frequently Asked Questions as well.


Install add-on from AMO

That will install the latest version of the add-on built from the production branch.

Using the add-on

Once you've installed the add-on you'll see an icon in your toolbar: icon

If you click on the icon you'll be able to select one or more of your open tabs. After you've selected tabs, an email composition tab will open up and we'll put in links to each of the pages, along with the page title, and a screenshot. If you have selected some text then that text selection will also be included.


To install and test out:

git clone
cd email-tabs
npm install
npm start

You must login to before sending an email.

If you are developing, note that the .jsx file will not trigger a reload on its own. To enable this reloading, in a separate terminal window run:

npm run watch

If you want to view the template in browser (easier for style tweaks):

npm run preview-templates

Code layout

The popup UI is in addon/popup.jsx.

The email templates are in addon/emailTemplates.jsx.

The content script addon/capture-data.js is loaded into any tabs being sent, and captures the screenshot and some metadata.

The content script addon/set-html-mail.js is loaded into the Gmail compose window, and effectively pastes in the HTML.

Overall things are managed with the addon/background.js script.

Contact & Contribution

You can email us at

IRC is the best way to communicate, via #testpilot on (you can use this link for chat access via the web if you do not otherwise use IRC). You might want to ping ianbicking or JSON_voorhees.

We label some of our bugs with good first issue.